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Steinel Heat Gun Canada

How do we find a quality heat gun ?

The Heat Gun that is durable, and has user controlled temperature, airflow and the ability to reduce heat down to the pinpoint, that makes a perfect job every time. You can find all these qualities in  Steinel heat guns.


High Grade quality materials and state-of-the-art design backed by the STEINEL quality guarantee.


Heavy duty professional heat tools at an attractive price points


Completely portable, multi function tools for a variety of applications like automotive and truck repairs, Solder / Desolder circuit boards, TV, meter and switchboard repairs, Activate potting compounds and soften caulk, Industrial cable repairs and installation, lossen rusted nuts and bolts, aviation service and repairs, environmental splicing, shrink tubing, jewelry, eye glasses and dental work.


Power and durability that gets the job done in industrial applications.










In the aerospace industry temperature control is critical in creating and repairing wire harness and soldering and desoldering circuit boards for satellites, radios and other communication devices. STEINEL heat guns provides the precision with their inbuilt with LOC technology and LCD display and control these applications excellently.


Automotive Body Repair shops use heat guns for a many tasks including

  • Installing electronics
  • loosening adhesives
  • leather and vinyl repair
  • plastic welding bumpers
  • repairing wire harness

STEINEL heat guns offers to accommodate a wide range of temperatures and airflows as well as accessories to help make every job easy and accurate.


Desoldering CBs  requires precise temperature with the ability to  control the stream of hot air. The various types of STEINEL reduction nozzles enables to control the stream of hot air in the most critical situations.


Construction professionals rely on heat guns to

  • install flooring
  • Lap weld roofing materials
  • sweat pipes
  • to make vinyl siding workable in cold temperatures

 STEINEL offers heat gun models that have field changeable parts and are the most durably constructed tools available in the industry


The packaging industry uses heat guns to touch up shrink wrap on assembly lines, activate adhesives while fabricating foam packing inserts, create gift baskets, and to loosen and remove packaging labels. STEINEL offers ergonomically engineered heat guns for long term comfort as well as the longest lasting heating elements.


The medical field uses heat guns to shape orthotics and prosthetics, plastic weld dentures and for shaping large frames in optical labs. All of these applications require the precise even heat that STEINEL delivers with the DuraTherm™ heating element.

Industrial Heat Guns

Industrial Heat Guns STEINEL Industrial Heat Guns are designed for production, roofing, flooring, packaging and other rigorous applications where performance and durability are key.

Steinel Heat Guns Canada

Full  Steinel Industrial Heat Tools Product Catalog

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