Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide the best electrical and electronic components of high quality in line with meeting our client's needs.

    Our dedicated and talented team uses intelligent and advanced technologies that help us provide enormous services to customers across the globe.

    Customers across many parts of the world trust us for being reliable during the provision of our services at the right time.

    You can order your part from our company through the online or offline form. When you order your part, our company usually has a product supplier who instantly delivers your part timely.

    You should first consider your target location; whether it will be online or offline, you should look at your order's quality and cost rating.

    We are a trusted and reliable company that delivers your components services at the right time, ensuring the requested component has the right quality as you expected.

    We deliver our electrical and electronic components and other related parts through the use of our product suppliers who supply your products. After you order your part, it always notifies you that the order has been successfully requested; before your product is delivered, our company product suppliers ensure that you are notified the day that your products will be delivered.

    You can order your products through our company mobile app or our website, and then you go to the order option, then you place your order, and it will display all orders you have requested.

    Yes, we do ship our ordered products. Our product suppliers pick up delivery products from our warehouse then they supply to various consumers who had ordered. They are then shipped where those who had requested get a chance of receiving their parts.

    Our responsibility is to meet the client's needs by delivering quality services at the right time.

    We are always efficient in our services. Our dedicated team ensures that all your needs are met and done efficiently. We treat our customer's problems as they are ours and ensure everything is solved professionally.

    Our products are not distributed in Canada only but also other parts of the World through shipping methodology.

    Our cost of the products that we manufacture varies from product to product. However, our product fee is always friendly, we first listen to our customers, but the price is always affordable.

    Yes, our company has an experienced team of technicians who responds to PLC repair maintenance on time. We value your PLC equipment since they are so vital to any business. Thus, we have a team with expertise from this field that can respond to you in any time of need.

    Quantum First Automation Inc Company is very different from other companies that offer the services. Why? This is because our company has a talented, dedicated team with a wealth of knowledge in this industry. Additionally, it is headed by a CEO named Mr. Akhil Gupta, who has vast knowledge and experience in this industry. Further, our services are of high quality and are provided on time hence meeting customers need. 

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