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    Lenze products geared towards automation and efficiency

    Amid the dynamics of Industry 4.0, choosing components for your automation needs is as pivotal as building a smart factory floor. At Quantum First Automation, we proudly present Lenze, an established US manufacturer of controllers, panels, drives, motion control units, and other products used to embrace the next level of manufacturing and warehousing. We are honored to be an authorized Lenze distributor in North America to help spread the brand’s innovation among forward-thinking industrial players in the Americas and other continents.

    Lenze’s mission is to empower performance. Its hardware parts are engineered to fuel machine automation tasks with unmatched controllability. Among the vast array of offerings, the Lenze catalog is packed with monitors and inverters, accompanied by a comprehensive selection of vector control units.

    We take pride in carrying the complete Lenze portfolio with a focus on controllers. These cutting-edge units redefine motor drives and vector-controlled production operations on the factory floor. They ensure seamless integration and precision, enabling your systems to perform at their peak.

    The reliable way to purchase Lenze parts online

    Procuring Lenze controllers or other products through Quantum First Automation sets you up for fail-proof operations and a spotless ordering experience. We ensure both with:

    • OEM quality. We are authorized to have Lenze parts on display and distribute them to industrial facilities to share the brand’s uniqueness and original innovation that are hard to replicate in other electronic components.

    • Manufacturer’s warranty. By choosing Lenze products available in our catalog, you do not risk losing any of the brand’s protection. New parts are covered by Lenze’s original warranty, so any potential issues are swiftly addressed.

    • ISO-certified excellence. We view quality as one of the foundational pillars of Quantum First Automation. We have ISO certification to underscore our commitment to delivering Lenze hardware parts at the highest level.

    • Global reach. Whether you need controllers by Lenze in Canada or beyond the Americas, we can send them to your warehouse or factory. We understand the global nature of modern industries and are equipped to deliver worldwide.

    • Same-day shipping. Do not postpone what you can improve today. We can dispatch Lenze modules, controllers, sensors, and other components the very day you place an order.

    Transition to Industry 4.0 or stick to your automation direction. Shop for Lenze parts with Quantum First Automation, where quality, warranty, and global accessibility converge for welcoming motion control and efficient technology.

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