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    • Technically certified according to quality standards that are uniform throughout the world
    • Outstanding technological expertise
    • Comprehensive application and system expertise
    • Cutting-edge automation expertise
    • Integration of digital technologies for pioneering solutions
    • Proven project experience and expert support
    • Excellent industry knowledge


    • Tailor-made solutions based on the Siemens product and system portfolio for: – Factory automation
      – Process automation
      – Drive technology
    • A one-stop shop for process and plant design, engineering, and commissioning
    • Application consultation
    • Maximum project quality and safety
    • Feasibility studies

    The Quantum First Automation Inc Company is technically certified, following all quality standards, which are uniform globally; hence you are assured of high-value commodities. Our company is always on an eye when employing its team that helps the company to achieve client's satisfaction. It only employs employees who have a wealth of experience in their relevant job roles; hence, they can detect any technical difficulty. Our dedicated expertise uses the latest and advanced technology for better pioneering of solutions. Their outstanding technological expertise gives them in-depth knowledge and skills that enhance them to perform a particular task in meeting customers' needs successfully. Quantum First Automation Company also has expertise in cutting-edge automation that leads to innovative services. We are further proud of having a diverse knowledge of systems applications.

    Numerous clients across the globe trust us for selling electronic parts that are tailor-made which help them to maximize their productivity. They are based on siemens products; hence these electrical and electronic component solutions are impressive and aesthetic. Using Siemens products enables us to sell electronic parts of high-quality that minimize downtimes, thus improving customers' business performance. Our company is expert in selling of factory automation such as process automation and drive technology solutions. Process automation is helpful because it enhances communication with distributors, suppliers, and customers. In this way, it removes manual processes such as order status tracking, inventory management, and many more manual processes. Through our company's process automation, businesses can process orders quicker, increasing their productivity and providing excellent services.

    Besides this, we offer application consulting services. Our company has a group of consultants who helps organization and businesses to develop their technological systems. Our application consultant under this attempt to understand the organization process by looking at their specific needs. These services help organizations to run their functions and services effectively and easily. Our application consultants also meet with customers to determine their needs concerning computer systems.

    Innovation approach is our responsibility, and this ensures we proactively address any product quality and safety issues hence our electronic parts that we sell are of high quality, intuitive, uniquely designed and safe for use. We are globally trusted and known for being expert in selling electrical major brands such as Misumi, Moeller, Omron and many more. We also sell transformers, semiconductors, motors and many more products where we are expertise in them. You can get them without waiting where we prefer quality over quantity and customers over profit first.

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