312260 - PSSu, electronic module, failsafe, analogue inputs and outputs, 1 input,0 - 25.59 mA, dual-pole, differential input, resolution 12 Bit., PILZ

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cULus Listed  
EAC (Eurasian)  
Application rangeFailsafe  
Technical data
Number of analogue inputs1  
Type of analogue inputsCurrent  
Signal range analog input0 .. 25.59375 mA  
Type of input filterRC filter  
Resolution of analogue inputs12  Bit
Conversion method analog i/pSuccessive approximation  
Pot. isolation analog inp./Yes  
Potential isolation inputsyes  
Climatic suitability to ...EN 60068-2-30  
EN 60068-2-2  
EN 60068-2-1  
EN 60068-2-78  
EN 60068-2-14  
Ambient temperature standardEN 60068-2-14  
Ambient temperature0 - 60  °C
Storage temperature standardEN 60068-2-1/-2  
Climatic suitability standardEN 60068-2-30  
EN 60068-2-78  
Humidity rating93 % r. h. at 40 °C  
Condensation permitted?Not permitted  
Perm. operating height ASL2000 m  
EMC to standard ...EN 61000-6-2  
EN 61000-4-4  
EN 61000-4-5  
EN 61000-6-4  
EN 61000-4-6  
EN 61000-4-2  
EN 61000-4-3  
Vibration to standard ...EN 60068-2-6  
Acc. shock to standard115g  
Clearance & creepage dist. toEN 60664-1  
Overvoltage categoryII  
Pollution degree clear.&creep.2  
Protection type standardEN 60529  
Protection type, mounting 
Protection type, housing 
Terminal protection type 
Housing material lower sectionPC  
Housing material front platePC  
Housing material codePA  
Terminal styleplug-in  
Height dimension76  mm
Width dimension12.6  mm
Depth dimension60.2  mm
Net weight36  g
Gross weight45  g
Name of coding elementK  
Colour of coding elementYellow  
RoHS directive2011/65/EU  
RoHS conformityyes  
RoHS exceptionsno  
REACh complianceContains no SVHC substances  
WEEE classifikation (08/2018)5 devices (feed size < 50cm>
ECLASS versionECLASS-9.1  
ECLASS Reference Feature27242601  
ETIM VersionETIM-7.0  
ETIM Reference GroupEG000024  

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