570007 PILZ

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570007 - Mechanical safety guard locking device, with radius actuator, interlock principle: Spring force 1500 N, contacts: 2 N/O, 2 N/C, supply voltage 110 - 230 V AC., PILZ

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EAC (Eurasian)  
unit typeUnit  
Technical data
Supply voltage (V)110  V
Type of supply voltage U1AC  
Power consumption AC8  VA
Supply voltage 2 (V)230  V
Type of supply voltage U2AC  
Utilisation cat. AC/DC1 stand.EN 60947-4-1  
Voltage AC1 safety cont.240  V
Max. current AC1 safety cont.2.5  A
Utilisation cat. AC15/DC13sta.EN 60947-5-1  
Voltage AC15 safety cont.230  V
Max. current AC15 safety cont.2.5  A
Ambient temperature-25 - 70  °C
Protection type, housing 
Holding force1500  N
Connection terminalSpring-loaded terminal  
Terminal stylefixed  
Height dimension184  mm
Width dimension42.5  mm
Depth dimension51  mm
Net weight335  g
Gross weight514  g
RoHS directive2011/65/EU  
RoHS conformityyes  
RoHS exceptionsyes  
RoHS except.s acc. to direct.6c  
REACh compliancecontains min. 1 SVHC-substance  
REACh included substancesLead  
%-part of the pollutant> 0,1  
CAS No.7439-92-1  
WEEE classifikation (08/2018)5 devices (feed size < 50cm>
ECLASS versionECLASS-9.1  
ECLASS Reference Feature27272603  
ETIM VersionETIM-7.0  
ETIM Reference GroupEG000026  

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