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    0.5HP / 240V, 1/3PH(i/p) / 230V, 3PH(o/p) / 2.4A(o/p) SMV SERIES SENSORLESS VECTOR NEMA4X (IP65) INDOOR/OUTDOOR CONT (Frame R1)

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    • Linear torque dynamic response with two separate acceleration ramps and a deceleration ramp.


    • Ramp-to-Stop with S-Type Auxiliary Fixed Accel Boost Improved Starting 500 Hz Output Frequency (Optional is 1,000 Hz).


    • 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 16 kHz. switching frequency.


    • Universal Logic Assertion Negative or Positive Logic Input (Selectable)


    • Braking of DC Injection with Regenerative Braking, which is Optional Over Protection of Temperature


    • A potentiometer with a keypad with 8 preset speeds and Jog Floating Point Controls is included in the speed commands. 0-10 VDC Scalable voltage: 4-20 mA scalable current


    • Process Control: Reverse Acting and Direct PID Modes, Sleep Mode


    • From Low to High DC Voltage Monitoring, V Compensation & Low Line for Bus V Protection


    • Currently being monitored: Overload Protection for Motors Limiting the current Safeguard Protection Against Protection of Phase Loss Against Fault from Ground Short Circuits


    • Protective Fault in Follower Management Select Preset Setpoint or Preset Speed. Start the notification system

    The SMV series is intended for motor applications requiring dynamic speed and torque control, such as conveyors, food processing lines, and packing equipment, and fan and pump systems.

    Key Benefits

    • Rugged environmental capabilities with IP65 integrity

    • Flux Vector control ensures accurate motor control.

    • Easy-to-use user interface for quick setup

    • Structure of parameters for easy navigation

    • PID controller onboard with energy-saving "Sleep Mode" feature

    • One display shows the status of all user terminals.

    • Built-in EMC filter (240 V 1 only, 400 V/480 V 3 optional), (EN 61800-3) first and second environments, C1 and C2.

    • IEC 60947-3 mains isolator with lock-off option

    I/O Control Features

    • Positive or negative logic

    • Potentiometer with motor

    • 4–20 mA and 0–10 V analog inputs with wire break detection (4–20 mA)

    • Relay output status

    • Keypad that may be mounted from a distance

    Motor Control Features

    • Auxiliary stop ramp

    • UL-approved thermal overload protection system for motors

    • Controller for motor brakes

    • Dual rates of acceleration/declaration

    • 8-speed settings

    • Flying restart

    • Braking using DC injection

    • S ramps

    • Braking with Motor Flux

    • Pump rinse/Fan Purge

    • 16 Step Sequencer


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