MCETH - Energy management clever modular power analyzer with average and maximum calculations for both system and single-phase variables, CARLO-GAVAZZI

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  • According to EN62053-22, class 0.5S (kWh).
  • EN62053-23 defines Class 2 (kvarh).
  • Precision (current/voltage) 0.2% RDG
  • Readout of instantaneous variables: 4x4 DGT
  • Readout of energies: 9+1 DGT
  • System variables: Phase-sequence-asymmetry-loss, VLL,W, A, VA, VLN, var, Hz and PF
  • AL, VLL, VLN, An (calculated), W, VA, PF, and var are variables with single phase.
  • With average and maximum calculations for both system and single phase variables
  • FFT study of harmonics up to the 32nd harmonic (current and voltage)
  • Imported and exported energy metrics are total and partial kWh and kvarh.
  • Measurements of energy in accordance with ANSI C12.20 CA 0.5 and ANSI C12.1
  • Calculate the hours (8 + 2 DGT)
  • A real-time clock feature
  • Displays that can adapt to applications and programming methods (Easyprog function)
  • Power supplies for all devices: 24-48 VDC/AC and 100-240 VDC/AC
  • Front measurements are 96x96 mm.
  • Degrees of front protection: IP65, NEMA4X, and NEMA12
  • One port for RS232 and RS485 (on request)
  • MODBUS-RTU is the communication protocol.
  • Ethernet MODBUS TCP/IP port (on request)
  • BACnet-IP port over Ethernet (on request)
  • BTL authorised BACnet MS/TP over RS485 (on request)
  • PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. authorised Profibus DP V0 port (on request)
  • Pulse, alarm, and up to two digital outputs (remote control) (on request)
  • Up to 4 virtual alarms that are flexibly programmable
  • Two analogue outputs maximum (+20mA, +10VDC) (on request)

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