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    AUTONICS: Your Partner in Smart Automation

    Autonics products – South Korean transformation for your industry

    Autonics is a pioneering brand specializing in industrial automation. It has been championing innovation, interconnected factory-level activities, and boosted productivity since its establishment in 1977. For over four decades, Autonics parts have been the driving force behind transformative changes industry-wise, including the automotive, metal processing, semiconductor, and packaging sectors.

    If you are looking to adopt the forward-thinking ethos that has made Autonics a revered name on the global scene, Quantum First Automation is delighted to bring the most extensive product catalog in front of you. With a particular focus on ramping up efficiency, advancing machine vision, and prioritizing personnel safety, these parts can make a difference in whatever you produce or assemble.

    Since the manufacturer no longer handles the sales of components by Autonics in Canada and throughout North America, we can save you the trouble of procuring essentials for your automation processes. This product portfolio is authorized by the brand and includes original parts for all intended applications.

    Plunge into our Autonics product catalog

    The unavailability of components can be a headwind for industrial facilities. The great news is that our catalog eliminates this issue for good. It’s a treasure trove of Autonics’ major parts, including:

    • Sensors that breathe life into machines

    • Field instruments that orchestrate precise data exchanges on the factory floor

    • Safety controllers that safeguard your most valuable assets

    • Switches that regulate machine control

    • Motion devices that propel your mechanical efforts toward automation

    As an authorized Autonics distributor, we carry the best-selling and top-performance components that exemplify the manufacturer’s excellence. We have also leveled up our inventory replenishment practices to make sure everything you need is available and ready to be sent to your facility.

    For all Autonics parts, Quantum First Automation guarantees the following:

    • Field-tested quality Our catalog is a pledge of authenticity coupled with OEM quality and product characteristics that comply with Autonics’ engineering and industrial compliance requirements.

    • Vast inventory, ready for you There’s no part where you have to wait for too long while settling for manual processes. Most Autonics products can be dispatched at a moment’s notice, the same or next day. 

    • Global reach, local care Our network ensures that your sensors, controllers, switches, or other products reach your facility, wherever you are. We can deliver throughout North America and internationally.

    Be sure to find the prices, specifications, and descriptions of automation components made by Autonics online.

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